Basic Flight Dispatcher’s Course

Course Objectives

On completion of the training, participants would

  • Have Latest knowledge and current technological changes in the aviation industry.
  • Develop a career path leading to a licensed flight dispatcher certificate.
  • Be Introduced to the basics of flight operations
  • Know how to function as a Flight Dispatcher within an airline environment in conformance with all NCAA rules and regulations as it relates to flight operations.
  • Know how to develop strategies, manage and minimize all threats and their consequences to flight operations.
  • Know how to address challenges of human-machine interface and associated activities to improve safety systems.
  • Know how to improve airline performance while keeping cost at its minimum.
  • Be an invaluable human asset in an airline

Course Content

  • Introduction to Basic Flight Operations
  • Introduction to Aircraft Basic Systems & Aerodynamics
  • Basic Aviation Weather theory
  • Air Traffic Control, Controllers & Airspace systems
  • Airport, Environment and Operations
  • Aeronautical Information Manuals, Regulations, Airport Facility Directory (AFD)
  • Basic Flight Operations (Preflight, In-flight & Post flight Ops)
  • Navigational Equipment, Charts (IFR & VFR) & Operational Manual
  • Aircraft Loading, Dangerous goods & Introduction to Aircraft Performance
  • Aviation and Airport Security
  • Runaway Incursion, TCAS systems and Collision Avoidance

For whom

The course is designed for:

  • Young school leavers desirous of a career as a Flight Dispatcher
  • Airport general operative staff.
  • Airport ramp personnel.
  • Flight control personnel.
  • Airport station managers.
Course Fee

N300,000 (Covering tuition & course materials)