Advanced Aircraft Technician Course (AATCO)

Course Objectives

The course provides the foundation for persons desirous of becoming an aircraft maintenance personnel with familiarization with aircraft systems, maintenance practices and control requirements.

Course Content

General Module

  • Aircraft Hardware
  • Human Factors in Maintenance
  • Air Legislation II
  • Workshop Practice II


Airframe Module

  • Ice & Rain System
  • Water & Waste System
  • Fire System
  • Environmental & Air Conditioning System
  • Cabin Furnishing & Equipment


Power Plant Module                           

  • Gas Turbine Engine
  • Aircraft Propellers


Aerodynamics Module

  • Theory of Flight ll
  • Weight & Balance


Avionics Module

  • Aircraft Lights
  • Pilot –Static Instrument
  • Gyroscope Instrument
  • Engine Instrument
  • Electrical Measuring Instrument
Course Details


Course fee – N320,000 (Covering tuition & course materials)